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Increasing the choices and opportunities for local people

Functional Skills English & Maths Courses

  • Entry Level to Level 2
  • Assessments take place at induction
  • A good level of spoken English is required
  • Build your confidence and knowledge to improve your skills towards supporting your family or building skills for your employment prospects
  • Work through the levels and gain a qualification and certificate for each assessment passed

Learn in a relaxed and comfortable environment

  • Learn in small groups of 10 or less
    Individual work is set to meet both the students' needs and to cover the course content
  • The length of the course will be agreed once all assessments and targets have been identified
  • English and Maths courses are only available for students who do not currently have a 'C' grade in English or Maths
"It's the best thing I've done in my life, as now I can read and write better!"

"I settled in, people were nice and the tutors were friendly and helpful."

"Amazing support!"

"Incredible and helpful tutors!"

"I would advise anybody with difficulties in English and Maths to try these courses, they are definitely very beneficial"

Sessions available

  • Monday to Friday mornings (9:15am-12:15pm)
  • Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons (1pm-4pm)
  • Tuesday evenings (5:30pm-8:30pm)
  • Each session has a 15-minute break during the session
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